Air Filtration

Dust, cigarette smoke, and so-called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released as gases from household goods like paints and aerosols are just a few of the allergens and toxins to be concerned about. Mold, fungi, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, and spores are some of the other tiny particles that degrade the quality of the air we breathe. As per the Government of Canada , air contaminants and pollutants present in the air can lead to health concerns

Nutech Air System offers several options for air filtration. like UV System, HRV, HEPA and Humidifier.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Short-wave UV light sterilizes air and kills 99.99% of pathogens that that passes through it, while eliminating odours, vapours and mould.

HEPA Air Filtration System

HEPA filters capture particles, bioburdens (bacteria), and volatile organic compounds like benzene in the air and keep them from being recirculated back into your home. The same technology used in operating rooms in hospitals,

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

To avoid the accumulation of moisture, mould, and rot, replace stale heated air with fresh air.


Dry air is a major source of irritation in the home. A whole-home humidifier adds moisture only when it is needed and keeps humidity at the level you set.

Not sure weather to buy or rent?

Our expert advisor can provide both options to you and help you to choose the one that best for your need and budget. Here's is some information:


Nutech Air System will provide a free in-house assessment and prefered price quote to meet with your need and budget including:

  • Affordable financing options or full payment of unit
  • Hassle free professional installation service and 24/7 support centre
  • 100% guaranteed service with peace of mind
  • Excellent manufacturer warranties on all products
  • Maintenance & Protection Plans are available


Renting is a peace of mind solution, no need to worry about upfront cost, repairs and ongoing maintenance. Following are the benefits of Renting:

  • Competitive rental pricing and flexible payment options
  • You pay nothing upfront. Nutech Air System will take care of installation, maintanance and repairs
  • Take the advantage of any applicable government rebates without the upfront costs
  • Renting gives you the option to buy at any time

Why Nutech Air System?

Your local certified and registered company
Live telephone support 24/7, 365 days a year
Expert, experienced and licensed technician
We install, repair and maintain any HVAC equipment from all leading manufacturers
All our work is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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